Aaaaaa … … !!!..” suddenly heard the screams of a girl in the bathroom doorway.

Hearing that everything in the house woke up from a deep sleep. A maid’s room faces appeared from behind the curtain. Middle-aged woman who still tangled with his appearance came to see what happens. Bespectacled young man strode in followed his wife who ran equate steps to men in front of him.

A girl who had suddenly screamed hysterically crying face she closed with her hands.

“Astagfirulloh aladzim … … .!!!” A middle-aged woman who was mother of his children surprised her life as if struck by lightning.

A half-startled maid suddenly embrace the girl the trauma. Not to forget the couple that mengepresikan shock.

“Dad … … ..!!!!!!!” call a young man with a tone of surprise.

They appear exactly in front of the bathroom twice the size of two feet an old man whose hair graying with age was collapsed on the floor beside the tub, her body was seen with no clothes on because he’s probably going to take a shower.

Gemerincik sound of water flowing from the shower down some of his non-stop.

The young man then turned off the shower faucet, she ran to the figure he was lying on her husband.

“Pak Pak … .. … ..! wake up sir …. “. She asked rubbing her forehead tersbut man who turned out to have been a lifeless corpse.

The young man then took the towel that hangs down and covers part of his father’s body.

“Patience Bu … … !!!!” said the young man’s wife called Ramdan, encouraged in-law who turned out to cheer him surprised you did not think her husband was dead. He hugged my mother and took it out.

“Astagfirulloh aladzim, … … this is what he said … … .???” a gardener who came uninvited.

“Mang Salim … … ..!!!” call Ramdan,” Can I take you bant into the living room …!! “.

“Astafirulloh … … aladzim master!” Spontaneous kataya surprised to see her mistress.

“Title please Bi carpet in the living room home … ..!!!” Command Ramdan.

“Both ..!!!!!!”. Den … immediately hurried away.

In the bathroom it seemed Ramdan and Mang Saleem’s body lifted his father’s body brought into the house.


The air in the morning was still stabbing chest. The sun got up late. The fog still blanketed the earth made quiet morning was still visible. Only combined kokokan bird song chicken can break the silence. With dancing and swaying grass leaves in the morning breeze dendangkan semeilwir.

Quietness of the morning began to break after the discovery of Burhan Squire in the bathroom by the girls home alone wayangnya. Kampong atmosphere and begins to rumble when the residents in the death of Squire kagetkan Burhan unnatural.

The crying of a deceased family member add atmosphere emotion. Looked around the living room home, Mr. Kyai Abdullah and Mr. RT remains busy with the deceased. And do not miss too many people who were condolence.

The day was filled with tragedy for the family Ramdan he still traumatized by the death of his father. He felt there was reasonable with it, but his family did not want the death of the deceased people’s lips. Her mother refused to bring officers to the authorities to investigate it.

She thinks her husband’s death is normal it’s time the Lord called her husband.

It could be a debate between them but fortunate for more supportive of Kyai Abdullah Surti mother opinion Burhan skipper’s wife, they also believe that fate had implied in Lauhil Mahfud.


When spinning, the day began changing too lonely nights Squire Burhan instantly recognized the richest man in the village so residents who talked about the story supposedly unnatural death.

The next day after that, the Word of his eldest son Burhan skipper returned from town, she was shocked to hear his father died, soon after he notified the Word straight home with his wife, but unfortunately he did not get to see the last time his father’s face, his heart was crushed.

One day Mrs. Surti take their children to come together. They will discuss the division of property inherited his late father’s legacy. Appeared among his three sons, Word, Ramdan and Lyla and wife and Ramdan ie Word and Holy Resa, do not miss a man in his forties present among those who turned out he was deceased Attorneys that will convey to the family of the late amanahnya about the division of property heritage.

Without preamble, the deceased’s attorney read the letter immediately. They listen carefully to the division of property is that it looks less equitable distribution. Ramdan get more than his two brothers.

“It’s not fair … Word ..!!!” snapped with a high tone.

With a simultaneous turn into a hot situation.

“Excuse me sir, what is the amanahkan my late father so Ramdan … … ???!!” spoke.

“Please read his own letter, this letter without engineering, because the deceased was the one who writes with his own hands … … !!!”. The man showed his letter.

“I know it seems you are the Ramdan is already affecting the father … ….” The Word of trying to blame.

“Astagfirulloh aladzim, kak … ….! Ramdan never do it … …! “Ramdan trying to defend.

“Ah … …. Do not get you pretend … … !!!”.

“Oh God …. Kak so … …!! “. Ramdan tried begging for trust.

“I knew from the first, I was his first child, but dad was always more menyanyangimu … … !!!!” word etched on the face of disappointment on his late father.

“Astagfirulloh kak aladzim … … … … …” said Lyla come to defend.

“Coach is the division of property can not be changed … ..!!!?????” Ask Mr. Arman Lyla on his late father’s attorney.

“Sorry, I’m not being disrespectful, but I just run the mandate of the deceased to convey this letter.” Clearly Mr. Arman wisely.

“Mom … …. How did this … … !!???” Lyla patiently asking for the opinion of his mother who had just stopped.

“I can only follow the mandate of the deceased to Mr. Arman … …!” He said flatly.

“It is clear, from the first until now my father and mother love you more than me. And I was also his son, why not … … .???? Why … ???”. Word assertive tone jerk.

“Because you’re not a child’s mother … …” said the old woman in front of him without expression.

Deg Deg … … … ..

Sound beating heart of every person who listened to the words of his mother.

“What … … ????!” Spontaneous word of her conversation ask for clarification.

“So … .. so … …” His words were interrupted Word.

“Yes … … .!!!! Because you’re not a child conceived from the womb … ..!!!”. Surti mother said firmly.

Word of mouth is open, so glaring, she felt the lightning had struck her. No less surprised Ramdan, Lyla, Resa and holy, they were very surprised to hear it all. Unless Mr. Arman him mediocre, because before he knew right from the mouth of the late Mr. Burhan.

The atmosphere grew hot, hotter than before. The heat that has been burning up the word when he found out who she really was. He muffled the rage and disappointment. Word went out to leave the place followed by his wife.

“Mas … … .!!!” Yell Resa wife while pursuing the Word.

“Kak Word … .!!!” Call Lyla.

“Mom … … !!!!” at her mother, suddenly, Mrs. Surti collapsed on the chair.

“Mom … … .!!!” Call Ramdan.

“Mother … … … .!!!!” wife Ramdan Holy Word.

They brought her into the room.


The night was eerie breeze ushered the white mist. Waving leaves without a word, sound dogs mengaung add spooky forest. Dark sky was starless in the naked night. Word Anger reduce call tonight to drown the dark earth.

Black shadow with sharp weapons, looking grim walk. Swiftly he sprang quickly ran through the streets he hit obstacles. He ran to the back of a house near a room, in front of the room he was standing.

A coyote howled shriek. He opened the window with a quick jump, and without hesitation stuck a knife in the gut Surti mother who was still lying.

“Aaaaaah … … ..!!!!!” woman shouted.

Back in the house screams echoing someone. Ramdan who heard it immediately rushed to run, then opened the door of her mother’s room.

“Mother …!” Ramdan cried when he saw his mother covered in blood. In front of a man standing with holding a bloody knife. Red angry face, his hands trembling, her veins seemed tense, he could not move away. Yet he was preparing to square off attack.

“Ramdan, this time you turn a kill” memekikan His anger that can not be prevented.

“Why did you kill my mother, the word” snapped Ramdan started emotions.

“Do not pretend you did not know you, I kill you ..!

With nimble feet moving his hands ready menusukan knife. Word attack Ramdan. Ramdan deftly avoiding the walls laterally when the Word menusukan direction toward the blade body Ramdan.

When Ramdan away, his wife suddenly reveal themselves on the verge of Scripture with the door hastily fled.

“Aaaa!” He shouted as the knife stuck in uluhatinya Word.

“Holy …!” Called Ramdan half shouted.

Word quickly removed his hand and then ran away from them. Holy Ramdan collapsed on the floor to embrace her, she screamed her name hesteris.

“Mbak Holy …!” Called Lyla as she ran toward them.

“Word … …!! Stop, you loser … … “Call Ramdan with emotion.

Word in front of the exit. Then looked back at the Ramdan. Hardikannya heard he challenged to match. Ramdan pulled the knife still lodged in her body.

“Kak … …!! Do not do … …! “Prevent Lyla that embraces the Holy body.

“Istigfar Kak … ..!!!.

Ramdan’s really lost it, the devil inside her body had mastered his emotions. With his expertise, Ramdan threw the knife toward her chest Word.

“Aaaaaa … … .!!!!!” screamed in pain.

Ramdan pitch proved wrong. Word has quickly away, while the knife was stuck into her chest right in Word. Resa suddenly came in to open the door.

“Resa … … .!!!!!” Word scream.

“… … … Aaaaaaaaa!! No … … … !!!!” Lyla who saw the incident terrified screaming.

“Fuck you Ramdan, you’ve killed my wife, I will not let you live … ..!!!” exploded with rage, and attacked Ramdan Word.

Battle ensued between the Word and Ramdan in the middle of the house that they consider the ring game. Ramdan in throwing the word to break the glass counter. Pellets broken glass falling, because do not want to lose Ramdan got up and struck the temple’s Word. His mouth was bleeding, Word hit back at the direction of his solar plexus. Ramdan not lose more blood vomiting, Ramdan responded with kicks to the face, the word sprawl.

“Stop … … ..!!! Kak do not do it … .!!!!!” Lyla kept yelling. But they ignored his words even more hot fight.

We will draw the collar Ramdan Word, the Word hard kick. Ramdan retreated a few steps to find balance. He looked down in pain, when the Word took the opportunity to take the knife still lodged in her chest. Ramdan just as quickly back up, the Word was already in front of him to stick the knife.

“Dar … … ..!!!!!” gunshots suddenly end the fight.

With gun in hand trembled Lyla, her mouth still smoking after a bullet shot right in the neck Word. Word collapsed in front of Ramdan, no less horrible is the word holding the knife was stuck in the stomach Ramdan, Ramdan collapsed.

“No … … .!!!!!”. Lyla screamed that he was late pulled a lever gun.

Lyla knees and with tears.

“Why all this happened … … ..???? Why should this … … .????!!”. Lyla kept crying.

“Kak Word why you do this … ..????? Why … ..????!!! How big is your heart sick, so had to end like this … .. kak Ramdan and why can not hold anger Kak … … .????!!!”. Lyla screaming cry of a new event occurs.

Now he just live alone among the five bodies of his family members had not bloodied lifeless.

“Mom … .. … .. ya ya Holy Resa … .. … … Kak Ramdan and Kak’s Word … … why did you leave me …. Why do not all kill me … ..!!!!!!!”.

“Dar … … !!!!” gunshots that he play one hundred eighty degrees.



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