1. The End From Beginning Story (Part 1) English version

Wide open world horizon of sun stood above the earth spread out in every life hikarinya. World of frenzied activity has been felt since the dawn welcome. Results growing globalization of technology running on The Streets, Rushing – hunting throng of activity, every human beings have been bound by their respective time.

In the midst of the metropolis has tangible a magnificent building of. Top class, with extensive gardens and luxurious Furnishings department. About fulfilled, it feels like paradise the world has been planted on the earth.
The sun’s rays have penetrated every crack in the window still closed gordeng. A woman opened wide to distinguished a charm in the morning dawn.

There was a knock from the second floor of footwear sing tone down the stairs as if the sound of hooves running.

“Bi! Breakfast ready yet?” His voice sounded a little hoarse. He’s gray and white uniforms.

“It’s a non!! Aunt had prepared dinner dimeja” yelled an attendant when exiting from the doorway.

Visible state is still quiet, although the windows have a lot of light penetrated. He Stepped into the dining room table. He stared at plates of food had been presented this morning waiting to be eaten. Who chairs the hearing witnesses this morning no one has Occupied. Figure of a man who every first day waiting in a chair tie has yet to appear to hang. It makes teenagers who went to the breakfast show stare at.

“How are lonely?” He said as if to ask yourself. “Bi! Papah Where? Why has not there?” Half-shouted, from behind the room appeared a middle-aged woman menghampiriya. “May still non dikamarnya ..! It was my aunt used to call”

“Sustainable Bilangi been waiting for ya bi …!” Without ruled that the woman passed from sight.

His name Dinar Dwi Lestari a girl who has four years left to her own mother. He lived with honor accompanied by a father who was so dear to her beloved fruit.

Regis name is often called the father and mother.

This only child is very devoted to his parents. While living in times of a juvenile without a beloved mother, he was able to maintain themselves. Sometimes the job his father’s office took Sympathy sustainable understand what his father did business solely for the good of himself and his family.

But if you continue to ignore he also likes to feel upset over lack of attention from his father. Sustainable can survive in all that time he lived through. Defense was the Heir of love and affection he received his mother for twelve years. It was more than enough love is inherent in the glow of life to step on the sustainable pubernya. The period in which a teen always wanted to try. Time passes very well without any romance that made him feel the love from someone. He kept his love as deep as possible and hold there for life. And the only person entitled to love it.

Soon will stand up in front of the eye. Only the necessary preparations. Direction and purpose of his life he had set in through the day with morning sun. Lessons from the people the house is very useful for future supplies. Of politeness and manners in a family environment has become a family tradition Pramudya Dinar Jasa Arta. Although their status is different, but in view of the family are brothers forever, faith and arms.

The morning was still imprint. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Bi .. anyone beat the door, please open yaaa ….” There is no answer except that he can knock the door grew louder and louder, breaking the silence. “Duh…! Bi Asih where?? Instead of wandering even bukain door.

Besides who the hell the morning gini udah visit. “Sustainable Walked angrily toward the door as he was shouting.

Slowly he opened it, looked in front of three men in uniform with the official emblem of black tiger dibahu left her stood her ground. “Good morning,, dik! Sorry we bother, if the father Pramudya there?”

Spontaneous sustainable rumpled face turns red light when one of them asked his father.

“A … aaa … aaadaa!” He replied mute. “Please come in” sustainable allows them to sit. Then he beronjak from place to rear. At each step has been overcome sustainability questions that made him wonder what the purpose is to come kerumahnya. His mind kept suspiciously.

Bi compassion looks half ran toward her. “Non-aunt said .. sorry … …” The words stopped, sustainable signaled not to speak.

Sustainable Walked toward his father’s room. “Pah! This sustainable” she said as she knocked on the door of her father’s room.

“Yes there is dance?” Came the flare from behind the door. Sustainable hesitate to say it. “Beyond any visitors he wants to see papah” “Who?” He half shouted.

Regis did not answer. The door was still open. He heard the clash of the things that seem hastily done. Only after all this time the door opened with a throw of questions as if startled.

“Who was his guest??” He said in his countenance that was not usual. Sustainable only silence followed his father from the back toward the living room. Threshold that separates the family room and living room as a witness. Step father Paused for a moment he saw the guests who are not waiting for diruangan that three men had long straight menyambutya. “We from the police received an arrest warrant against the sisters Pramudya Arta Jasa of cases of Bribery,” the voice sounded loud in front of his father. “I’m sorry sir. Actually, what is it? What’s wrong with me?” Sound defense in the eyes of his father.

“Please you can give information on the office” two other police immediately handcuffed hands Pramudya. Pramudya could not resist. He just Resigned to accept a third treatment the police.

“Papah …!!” Shut his mouth to accept the fact that not possible.
Direct sustainable hunting who had handcuffed him to ask the three men were released. The wild cry of the petition continues diteriakan. Bi compassion who had witnessed while sustainable menghampir immediately embraced her father continued. Lasting hold to let them take him.

“No … ..! Papah not possible to do that, do not you take papahku” cried tears of sustainable mixed.

Heard about it the whole house was going bermuculan witnessed. they can not do nothing but tears.

“Sustainable peace will not menangis.papah well sajaa. KMU which sabarya ..” his father said crying lasting relief

“No shit, not sustainable papah go” three men had brought her father to go “pah ….! Papaah …” Sustainable crying, trying to hold bi compassion, holding her close.


One week has passed after Accepting the fact that sustainable does not believe him.

At that time his health was impaired, his spirits seemed to decline. Full days that does not mean fantasy at all. Without it cares about destiny, lasting up to tough like it a lesson for him later on in the future.

The next day, lasting from his start as usual activities. Although there are still scarred wound dibelahan heart, with all hope he is trying to be patient. The feeling that he could hold but diikhlaskan. Reality may be avoided.

Regis did not Realize that the impact of the things his father had done yag be the talk of people. The fact that really Affects the keadaaannya school. With a flash of sustainable citizen’s lips set sekolah.Terdengar of his friends who were sitting around the classroom corner.

“No wonder wrote cash rather less was eaten by the same bendaharanya” saying that sustainable mendengug ditelinga had mocked him as because of his position as class treasurer.

“The corruption must have if his father would his son is also not far from it .. hhaaahhhaaahhhhaa!” They mocked.

Sustainable getting sick to hear their words. The influence of family ordeal made him even more desperate. Indeed sustainable Felt was born of a father who does not supposed to do something embarrassing, but about his position as treasurer accused of the same class as his father did not let him accept.

“It’s nice to enjoy it .. money can corrupt such windfall kept” boy who had joined them mock me too loudly to the whole class to hear.

“You never ketimban Emang windfall, keep it gimana?” Meladeninya one of her friends.

“Yes …. Ask the person who wrote’ve ever ngerasakan.” Sewotnya tone sounds.

Hearing that sustainable pembicaraaan not move. He could only remain silent. Dihatinya pain. Slowly he memerah.Mencoba expression resistant to biting bottom lip. But his eyelids could not hold back tears.

No one is Concerned while he needs the attention of people who are ready to accept all dihatinya steam prop. Heavy indeed hold all the bitter feelings, sad, upset and angry. The whole world was turned upside down, which he used to boast of his friends, now must accept the fact. Teacher’s love for his Disciple, proud achievement, dear compatriots and friends sustainable it must betray belief.

Family’s good name “dinar Pramudya Arta Jasa” primarily a Dwi Lestari Dinar has mencontrengkan ugliness, scorn and ridicule on ditelinga tattoo. What was once praise and honor through proudly sport has now evolved into a decent sandals to step on.

Sustainable avoid running out of classroom discussions may be lengthy.

He retreated behind the school garden tree. Drops of fine crystal unraveled
“I am no longer able to accept all this, there is no
people who care about keadaaanku. I’d rather die alone than to live like this mederita ”

Suddenly heard from behind the “do not you talk seperiti it. I still care about you!”

“What do you want here? Want to curse me? Insult my family? Perasaaanku kill the wounded?” In disgust as the sustainable knowing him.

“Sustainable you misunderstand, I do not mean to do all that I know you feel right now and I do not like what you imagine”

“Then what you want here!?” Snapped

“Before I apologize if it has been bothering you,. But, really wanted to be with my presence here. I really care about you. Do you think no one else who care about you. The evidence I came here Aiming to entertain.” affirmed his last sentence.

“Since when do you repent?” Sustainable still denied the presence of Rice.

“Oh God …!! What do you mean you sustainable?” Marina became bigung. “Ok ..!! Maybe you still have a Grudge to me. And I was never wrong to hurt you feel. I Beg, I’m sorry .. I really do not know what happened. Really, if you do not believe your ii friend your little friend, sustainable “sustainable rina pleaded awareness.

Sustainable only silence, he thought it was not time to argue, the heart needs someone who can warm the atmosphere. Lestari rose from his chair. Then hugged his little friend.

“I’m sorry, Rin!” “Do not say that, you did not either.’m The one who should apologize”

“Thank ya, Rin. You are the best friend. I will always love you” look over dibenak lestarii Tranquility.

Sustainable and Marina is such a loyal friend with all the ups and downs. Although a one-month dispute has occurred between them. Because Marina has spread the word that no-no. But thanks to his loyalty, they always received with open arms. Meraka strengthen friendship began when sustainable help rina who at the time he had to let his parents separated. Since it was very close to sustainable Rina. Until now when sustainable need help. Blake will always be nearby.

They can be united because his heart was equally injured. In fact, they already have a principle which became the motto persahabatanya.


Court decisions against the punishment must be accepted beberpa Pramudya still running sessions were held for trial knowing the evidence and the confession of the defendant.

Until finally the judge Decided and criminal punishment to the defendant.

“With this court, condemned criminal to civil service Pramudya Dinar Arta sentenced to six years in prison and a fine of money by 5 trillion rupiah. This decision is absolute and inviolable.

The judge ended the trial by hitting a hammer three times. Atmosphere of the room quickly turned into a chaotic trial by every talk to people about their opinions and comments session. The event ended with a full trial Resigned, Complaining Weton to accept reality, that reality must Pramudya received.

Sustainable while watching the trial had suddenly collapsed. Maybe this is the reality of his life he had received and this may also end his life but the will of God no one knows.

Two weeks had passed, the physical condition of very weak sustainability. Gemilau light that never shone now almost lost in the darkness. The hope dimmed as the dark sky full swallow.

All the dreams that he expected such intangibles. The world has killed his ideals, tearing the design life of the coming period.

In a room measuring five square meters of a woman was lying helpless. His skin was pale, her body dried twigs as fragile. occasionally a woman beside replace kompresan located at the Forehead.

His eyes open slowly began to recover consciousness. Her body looks weak vacuum helpless he looked at the woman beside him who was massaging his hands. Sustainable start talking “bi ..!? Was not capable of lasting longer live here. Sustainable this will not continue long. Sustainable retreat .. want to go far to forget what has happened”

“But the circumstances ….” Cut Lestari

“Regis is not anything just need some fresh water only” strengthen keinginannnya.

“.. .. Non maafin great-aunt great-aunt could not… ‘Re-cut” why talk?! great-aunt also will go abandon sustainable? “Tears laughing.

“Not so, girl! Dear great-aunt as a non-sustainable, great-aunt could not have left the non alone, great-aunt to understand what non-feeling. But, great-aunt could only happy to invite non-non-stay at home great-aunt. Actually not a big house and fancy like this but just saung ugly.

And that is, if the non want to stay there.

“It’s okay to talk … sustainably will try like living at home great-aunt. So great-aunt’s house where?”

“Allhamdulillah still including Bandung area, only the great-aunt’s house continues through the interior”

“It’s okay … thanks ya bi! ‘Ve wanted with unsustainable” sustainable rose from his sleep and then hugged bi Asih.

Sustainable thankful there are people who care about him. Indeed her family out of control again after the trial to decide the punishment of his father. Instantly his aides have Resigned. There was not reasonable at home and wanted to return home. After that really lestrai in depressed circumstances. But with the bi Asih still loyal now he could vent his soul gnawing emphasis. In the embrace of Sustainable Asih bi feel calm, flowing through the pulse-pulse body. “I feel the embrace of a mother’s love and affection mamah. Oh .. mamah! I miss you,, I’m lonely without you if you still have to hug tight like this. The warmth of your arms makes me Longing for love and affection of the angels heart Conditioning. mamah …. Oh Me now live alone no hug that made my sleep soundly. Forgive my abject ii. You are my model. I will not be sorry to lose you, because now you have sent an angel to keep me so dear to me. Oh mamah!! Do not you leave me … I miss you … mah ….!! ”


Even step sustainability is now seventeen years of age, this period has led to thoughts kedewasaaan, laughter, ups and downs, and the sense of sight is not spoiled. Life he saved in memory. The past he made a valuable experience. he had realized the mistake he had done far from the shadows. Attitude of moral lessons from the support he could have returned the bi Asih life. Islamic Teachings are vulnerable even before there was barely in her family has now brought the right streets. Islamic Teachings inspiring life. Mental attitude began to grow back may cause a new spirit into the night like a bright full moon spewing. Now the spirit of sustainability has come back from the dead lived surinya.

Although the lack of wealth, sustainable afford school without an jot of help from others, even to eat everyday and bi Asih sustainable, he who became his spine. Sustainable effort to do as a sign of struggle which has now been dimmed life shone bright. Hopes and ideals are seen in front of the eyes, live bagiamana Realize how these ideals. Since sustainable lost everything, the real form of fighting spirit was ingrained in his soul. Iron burning flames looked very strong. Work hard to kill time he did incessantly.

Without the help of God may be all that is not nothing. Hard work she did day-to-day is always accompanied by prayer. Proximity to the Creator to make his life feel there is Accompanying. Prayers, dhikr, Tadarus, and all activities associated with the worship he never left. Little by little knowledge given bi Asih sustainable flows in the soul felt his life was more happy in a long time with bi Asih he had regarded as his own mother.

The figure that used to be servants now have to struggle and the spirit of dignity, dignity that makes a big family “Dinar Pramudya Arta Jasa” grow back with strong roots. While one branch of the branches die from the leaves fall. Firmly rooted tree’s leafy back. Selebat and green banyan tree that continues to soar up above. Even the fragrance of flowers has grown to decorate. The flowers are fragrant unimaginable paradise can make everyone feel the beauty of eternal paradise.

Every day he drained the sweat disebuah typical grocery store is Kripik Bandung city of Tempe. He is very grateful to get the job.
To get the job should be sustainable in the midst of exhausting bustle of the city, accompanied by global warming ultraviolet light. He know that the sun burns the skin can make skin cancer but he would not care for it, he has in mind is hard work.

Write her mother was depicted dibenaknya “Keep trying and do not give up every desire there is a way out. And remember life as the place where we take lunch for later in the eternal Hereafter. Although we feel the sting of skin scorching sun, in the next heat has not just how, if the current position of the sun as far as 150 million km. Hereafter there is one inch away from our heads. Unimaginable human brain seething under the heat of boiling heat.

Sweat the world is not how the Afterlife can be flooded for himself. Even could sink her. Give thanks to the Creator who has implemented the sun as a source of life. What would happen if Man lived in darkness all the time. Maybe the could not breathe and ultimately death may be swallowed breathe. Many people are afraid to die. I wonder what he feared? And death is not the end of everything because there is still a world of eternal. Obey our lives in the world with a practice that can take us past the bridge syiratal musstakim. ”

Each picture message is always shed tears sustainable. He felt his life was in vain. But his heart was always trying to improve Untk past actions. And expect a miracle of God coming toward him.



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